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Emix Vege!

Emix Vege!

Through everything we do, we try to impose new challenges. One of them is the environmental issue that is very important to us. According to the research of scientists, during our lives we will face the serious consequences of environmental pollution caused by human action. Therefore, in our company we are trying to introduce new products that can contribute to leveling the destruction of our planet. Another important step towards reducing pollution is work on implementing one-component packaging that is recyclable. We have introduced Lunch Minute cereal with vegetables from certified, sustainable BIO crops.


Polish raw materials

In our activities, we first try to buy products originating in Poland, and then we look for raw materials from European and other countries.


vege products

Industrial meat production has a great impact on the condition of our planet. We strive to expand the range of products dedicated to people who want to limit the share of meat and animal products in their diet. According to our research, people who want to limit meat consumption in their diet, as the main contraindications (difficulties) mention the long time of preparing vegetarian and vegan dishes and the difficulty of proper seasoning, resulting from a lack of knowledge of the secrets of meatless cuisine.


Groats are healthy
and nutritious

Groats are a rich source of complex carbohydrates that are needed for all body cells to work. Groats contain fiber, which regulates bowel function. They are a source of B vitamins, folic acid and vitamin E. They outweigh rice and potatoes with their nutritional values and richness of minerals. Health prevails!

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